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NFTs are changing the way artists present their music. Independent musicians can now have their works reach all corners of the world without going through a time-consuming and expensive release process.

KnownOrigin Series 2icon
Discover rare digital art and collect NFTs. Since Apr. 2018.
"10,000 randomly generated, infinite audio NFTs derived from on-chain Pixelglyph data. Each Audioglyph synthesizes a unique, infinite stream of music directly in your browser at lossless quality. Future of Music Audioglyphs are a glimpse into a future of music where instead of publishing statically recorded songs and limiting access, artists create infinite variations that are available to all to explore freely. Instead of buying the rights to listen to music, listeners can truly own a unique version. Open Technology We plan to open source the core technology Audioglyphs uses for managing and embedding audio processing on the web. With the success of Audioglyphs, we plan to continue to develop tools for artists to create and publish generative music. Carbon neutral Carbon emissions from minting will be offset with a donation supporting the Devarahipparigi Wind Power Project in Karnataka, India facilitated by Offsetra"
Northern Guilds - Guild of Thoricon
Northern Guilds is a fun-first, device-agnostic dungeon crawler blockchain MMORPG inspired by your favourite childhood games. In a modern take on the pixel perfect art style of nostalgic adventure games, players and their friends embark on an epic journey into ragnarok. //
Loot (for Normal People)icon
Loot as we have seen it has always been for adventurers. In an increasingly online life (especially for NFT enthusiasts), Loot (for Normal People) reconnects us to the real world by instead supplying gear consisting of items from our modern everyday lives. As with Loot (for Adventurers), stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use Loot (for Normal People) in any way you want.
Honorary Happy Bunniesicon
[Happy Bunnies](https:\u002F\\u002F_HappyBunnies)\n\nHand selected to be part of the Exclusive Honorary Happy Bunnies Collection (HHB). \n\nBouncing to Your Wallet as a Token of Appreciation for being so Fur-bulous in the NFT Community.
The Honorrollers by Honorrollericon
Christopher Chan is an artist with a multidisciplinary practice that combines sculpture, illustration, and graphic design to explore social constructs, branding, popular culture, and the transition from youth to adulthood. Often rendered primarily in wood, his geometric sculptures use abstract visual language to depict contemporary fashion and footwear. With these principles at the forefront of his work, Chan retains the organic element of the material to represent a mass-produced consumer good. Although they emulate iconic footwear, the rigid forms themselves are created to host and support live plants & flowers. The 1 of 1 being auctioned in Christophers collection comes with the physical sculpture! For reference, check out the incredible video attached to the page of Christopher creating the sculpture. His sculptures have gone on to sell for $10,000!
Sprout Honoricon
Welcome to the home of Sprout Honor on MetaX. Discover the best items in this collection.
Welcome to the home of NORMANCOMICS on MetaX. Discover the best items in this collection.