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The current price of FODL is --, with a 24-hour trading volume of --. In the last 24 hours, the price of FODL decreased by 1.48%. With a circulating supply of 238,445,671 FODL and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 FODL, FODL's fully diluted market cap stands at --. Currently, FODL ranks No.318 by market cap. The FODL to price is updated in real-time.

FODL market information

24h low/high
24h low--
Last price --
24h high--
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Market cap
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All-time high
All-time low
Initial launch date
Initial launch price
Circulating supply
238,445,671 FODL
Market cap at circulating supply


FODL Finance is an Ethereum-based decentralized finance protocol that enables users to enter leveraged trades without paying funding rates. With FODL Finance, you can open long, short, and correlated trading positions. FODL is the name and ticker of FODL Finance's native ERC-20 token.

In place of a funding rate, with FODL Finance, users can leverage their position using collateralized assets from existing DeFi protocols like Compound and AAVE. In this way, FODL Finance eliminates the hefty funding rates and provides a low-cost way to secure leverage.

To achieve a funding rate-free leverage, FODL Finance uses a cross-asset yield folding mechanism where the protocol borrows cryptocurrency against collateral from a decentralized lending platform. It then re-deposits this borrowed sum as additional collateral and takes out a new loan in another cryptocurrency. This process is repeated until the desired leverage is achieved.

The risk of asset liquidation in case the market moves against the position, and the fees involved in executing too many swaps are current limitations of such a complex yield folding strategy. FODL Finance combats these two issues using smart contract bots and flash loans. Smart contract bots close the position before the liquidation occurs, and flash loans bundle all the swaps of a cross-asset fold into a single transaction.

FODL tokens serve as the native governance token of the FODL Finance DAO and distribute rewards to platform users and liquidity providers. In addition, FODL also acts as a utility token for evenly distributing platform revenue by purchasing FODL tokens from decentralized liquidity pools. The project is secured by Quantstamp.

FODL price and tokenomics

FODL has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The LP and LP staking rewards will be locked for six months.

About the founders

FODL Finance announced its beta launch in October. 11, 2021. The decentralized leverage trading platform is built by the 0xb1 team.

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What is FODL Finance?
FODL Finance is a fully decentralized leverage trading platform on the Ethereum blockchain that allows you to maximize your yields by opening long, short, or correlated positions on leverage without paying funding rates. FODL is the name and ticker of Fold Finance's native governance token.
What can I do with my FODL tokens?
FODL is the governance token of the DAO that functions as a utility token that provides incentives for platform users and liquidity providers. You can also stake your FODL tokens single-sided or dual-sided on Ethereum or Polygon.
Where can I buy FODL?

You can buy FODL from OKX exchange. OKX offers the FODL/USDT trading pair. Alternatively, you can convert your crypto to FODL.

Before you begin trading with OKX, you need to create an account. To buy FODL with your preferred fiat, click "Buy with card" under "Buy Crypto" on the top navigation bar. To trade FODL/USDT or convert crypto to FODL, click "Basic trading" or "Convert" under "Trade," respectively.

Alternatively, visit our new OKX Crypto Calculator. Select FODL and the desired fiat that you would like to convert to view the estimated live conversion price.