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How does OKX determine APR for Crypto Installments?
The APR is based on the USDT hourly flexible interest rate.Interest is calculated every hour. Hourly Interest = (Principal borrowed + Interest accrued) × Current interest rate.For more information Past interest doesn't guarantee future interest
Pledged amount vs Target amount
Your pledged amount is the amount of crypto you put down as collateral and your target amount is how much crypto you want to have. The pledged amount is always half of the target amount.
How much crypto can I borrow?
You can borrow up to 10 BTC or 30 ETH, and you must borrow a minimum of 0.0001 BTC or 0.01 ETH.
What crypto can I buy with Crypto Installments?
Crypto Installments currently offers BTC and ETH.
How can I pay for my monthly installments?
You can pay by going to the Active Orders page and pressing the "Pay" button.
How is the liquidation price calculated?
Liquidation price = total repayment [maintenance margin level + 1]/target amount * 1.002Maintenance margin level: depending on total repayment depending on total repayment
What happens if I miss a payment?
There are no late fees for Crypto Installments. If you miss a payment, you can pay your principal and overdue payment(s) in the next installment window. If you miss your final installment date, you can pay back your overdue payments at any time to receive your entire Target Amount, as long as your crypto doesn't reach the liquidation price.
Does Crypto Installments offer early repayment?
There are no early monthly repayments. However, you can pay off all your remaining installments at any time.
How many Crypto Installment orders can I sign up for?
As of now, each customer is entitled to 100 Crypto Installment orders, provided they follow the requisite guidelines. Order terms can be 3, 6, or 12 months.
When can I collect my crypto?
Once the installment plan is complete, your collateral and crypto will be released to your funding account 10 minutes after your last payment date
How is Total repayment amount calculated?
The total repayment amount is calculated by multiplying the borrowed amount by the current crypto price. This amount will remain fixed throughout the course of the installment plan. At the end of the plan, you will only need to pay interest in addition to the repayment amount.