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OKX is excited to share Web3 Yield, the future of DeFi. You can now make any DeFi investment in a single transaction. Even multi-step trades like depositing in a Curve vault and staking Curve LP tokens in a Yearn vault are now one transaction.

OKX Web3 Yield does for DeFi what the automatic transmission did for cars – all you have to do is say, "Go!" and OKX Web3 Yield does the rest.

If you're an experienced DeFi yield farmer, you're probably already jumping up and down and shouting, "THANK YOU!" If not, here's a brief explanation of why OKX Web3 is truly a better way to DeFi.

We all love DeFi, right? DeFi is freedom, DeFi is the future, DeFi is a truly open financial system that will revolutionize the way we invest. All true. But DeFi can be annoying. It can be very, very annoying.

It's one thing to write about wallets and yields and cross-chain liquidity. It's quite another thing to actually use DeFi protocols to farm yield on a daily basis. For example, how many clicks does it take to execute a DeFi transaction using a crypto hardware wallet?

Let's take a DEX swap, for example:

  1. DEX website: Click "Swap" – CLICK
  2. Software wallet: Click "Confirm" – CLICK
  3. Hardware wallet: Click through the screens until you can "Verify" – CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK EIGHT CLICKS! For ONE swap!

And what if you want to do something more sophisticated, like stake crypto in a DeFi vault?

Let's count:

  1. Buy USDC
  2. Swap from USDC to the tokens you want to buy (could be TWO transactions!)
  3. Deposit the tokens in a liquidity pool
  4. Stake your liquidity provider tokens in a vault Four or five transactions! Eight clicks per transaction! THIRTY OR FORTY CLICKS! And you have to pay for each of these transactions!

Plus, this is only when everything works perfectly. And in DeFi, things don't always work perfectly. Transactions fail. DeFi protocol front-ends are buggy. Sometimes it takes two or three tries to confirm a transaction.

Too many clicks.

And while you are slogging through these clicks, you are missing out on yield. DeFi APYs change every moment. And many DeFi pools have total deposit limits. So while you're click, click, clicking (assuming you even have time to stop everything else you're doing), you are missing out on yield.

But that's over now. OKX Web3 Yield is here. And it's free. OKX has delivered the future of DeFi. Go trade.

Download the app and try it today to get a 100% boost in annual percentage rate. You can also invite friends and boost your annual percentage rate up to 5000%. Terms apply.

Want to get started with Web3 Yield? It only takes three steps.

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