OKX Wallet Becomes First Multi-Chain Platform to Enable Viewing and Transfer of Bitcoin Ordinals

  • OKX Wallet introduces the ability to view and transfer Bitcoin ordinals on its multi-chain platform
  • OKX NFT Marketplace to offer mint and trade functionality for ordinals soon

We have upgraded our OKX Wallet and NFT Marketplace to allow users to view and transfer Bitcoin (BTC) ordinals, making us the first multi-chain platform to support this capability.

Our OKX Wallet now supports BTC taproot addresses on the browser extension and soon mobile, which provides access to ordinal capabilities. This upgrade allows our users to conveniently import their BTC wallets and view their Bitcoin ordinals through one powerful and multi-chain wallet, as opposed to managing them separately via a Bitcoin-only wallet.

This announcement follows the launch of Bitcoin Punks NFTs on our NFT Marketplace on March 7, which enabled users to buy ordinals with ETH. Mint and trade functionality for ordinals on our NFT Marketplace is coming soon, which will allow users to create, buy and sell ordinals on the platform.

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