OKC onboards 21 new partners as OKT supply reduced by 36%

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A progress report for OKC development in the month of February 2021

OKC is an open-source, trading-focused blockchain developed by OKX that can be used as a platform for decentralized applications, including decentralized exchanges. For more detailed information, check out our

OKC continued to thrive in February as the network onboarded 21 new partners and launched five new blockchain toolkits and wallets. Additionally, the community passed the governance proposal to reduce OKT’s total supply by 36%.

OKC’s testnet completed six rounds of EVM stress testing and added five deployment toolkits for its JSON RPC service.


OKT’s total supply reduced by 36%

The OKC community passed governance proposal #12 to cancel the OKT rewards in the whitelisted pool of OKX Farm. This means that the total supply of OKT will be reduced from 72.2 million to roughly 45.6 million.

OKC testnet completes EVM stress testing

The OKC testnet completed six rounds of EVM transaction stress testing. The testnet also made five commits to improve the stability of remote procedure calls.

Additionally, the JSON RPC service in the testnet is now compatible with the following deployment tools:

  1. Truffle
  2. Remix
  3. Hardhat
  4. Mocha (Test)
  5. Brownie

OKC onboarded 21 new partners

OKC onboarded 21 new partners in February. In addition, the OKC ecosystem offered new blockchain toolkits. Public node service provider ANKR launched Infura on both OKC’s mainnet and testnet. Infura offers instant and scalable API access to the Ethereum network. Additionally, BTSPP launched a block explorer for OKC.

February also saw three new wallet services launched on OKC. Cosmostation and DappBirds enabled voting functions for OKC nodes, while wallet provider Math offered a software development kit for OKC developers. 

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