Nano (XNO) Price Price Prediction for 2023 / 2024 / 2025

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While most cryptocurrency projects out there are built on blockchain technology, there are some exceptions. Due to the limitations of blockchain, some projects experimented with similar technology that still differs in some aspects. One example is Nano (XNO), built on a ledger technology similar to blockchain, known as Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

DAGs have a highly reliable structure, and they are much more scalable than blockchains. As such, they can solve or bypass many of the problems that blockchain still struggles with. Therefore, DAG-based projects are popular, and their performance is closely monitored. However, even those who have an interest in Nano will first have to do their research instead of blindly investing. The best way to understand whether Nano is a good investment opportunity is to check out the Nano price prediction.

What Is Nano (XNO)?

Nano originally emerged under the name RaiBlocks in 2014. The coin itself, known as XRO back then, had a different purpose, rewarding users who solved captchas. RaiBlocks then rebranded to Nano in 2018, changing the coin into XNO. Since then, Nano has served as digital money for the modern world, as it calls itself.

These days, many know Nano as a lightweight cryptocurrency used to offer secure, instant payments with zero fees. Its developers sought to address the issues of older blockchains, such as low speeds, high fees, low scalability, and more. Nano owns its success and abilities to its Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. The new tech makes it better than traditional and crypto solutions alike.

Nano in 2022

Nano Price

At this point, it is safe to say that everyone will remember 2022 as the year of the crypto winter. Throughout the year, the headlines primarily focused on price action, what is affecting it, and where it will go next. With that said, Nano did see several important developments, even though it did not dominate headlines every other day.

One big example is the fact that it facilitated the first-ever feeless crypto transactions inside the Houses of Parliament. This happened in February 2022, during the launch of The Centre of FinTech at the University of East London. The Nano Foundation has deep ties with the institution, so this was a major development for both of them.

Nano is also known for being a lot more eco-friendly than the majority of coins. In fact, some reports have called it the faster, cheaper, greener Bitcoin. Last year, Tesla stopped accepting Bitcoin payments due to its environmental impact. Since then, many have questioned if the company would consider Nano as a BTC replacement.

XNO Technical Analysis

Nano price prediction depends a lot on the coin’s technical analysis. Factors like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average (MA) can tell where the price is going. Analysts who know that can also predict how the market will react. The reaction of the market, in turn, once again leads to predictions about the price.

At press time, Nano (XNO) RSI has a value of 36.305. This puts it deep into the sell territory. In other words, it is already oversold, and investors and traders will likely keep selling. The Moving Average, on the other hand, paints a slightly different picture.

A simple 5-day MA shows the buy signal, and so does the 10-day MA. However, 20-day, 50-day, 100-day, and even 200-day MAs are suggesting sale. When it comes to the Exponential MA, only the 5-day one suggests the buy signal. Meanwhile, all others indicate that it is time to sell.

Nano Price Nano

Nano Price Prediction for 2023

Presently, XNO's price sits at $0.65. after a 0.71% drop in the last 24h hours. However, many believe that things will change in 2023 and that the market will recover. Interestingly, experts appear to support this point of view, at least for the most part.


WalletInvestor is the only one that has a negative Nano price prediction. In its 1-year forecast, it indicates that the coin’s price will sink to $0.0535 


The Nano price prediction by CoinCodex is significantly better. It suggests that the coin will surge in 2023, landing anywhere between $1.32 and $2.30. The growth will then continue in years to come, with the maximum predicted price in 2025 being $11.32.


Another XNO price prediction comes from DigitalCoinPrice. This source suggests that Nano will see an average price of $1.63 next year. This is much closer to its predicted maximum ($1.66) than the predicted minimum ($1.38).


Nano price prediction by PricePrediction is less generous. While still positive, relative to the coin’s current value, it says that XNO will rise to $1.02 on average.


TradingBeasts seems the least optimistic among those with positive Nano price predictions. It says that XNO will see growth, but the highest average price is expected in September 2023 at $0.94.

Nano Price History

Nano (XNO) saw fairly long periods of low-price activity in its lifetime. Throughout 2017, its price grew very slowly and mildly, considering the strength of the bull run. Between March and December of the year, the coin only went up from $0.0087 to $0.24. At the time, this was a significant increase, but it was dwarfed by what came next.

Between December 3, 2017, and January 5, 2018, the coin went from $0.24 to $32.73. One of the sharpest surges in the crypto industry, unfortunately, also saw a sharp drop. At least, initially. Throughout the year, the coin spiraled down until it reached the bottom at $1.11 in mid-August 2018. 

Nano spent the next two and a half years in constant fluctuation. It went as high as $3.5 but also as low as $0.36. At the start of 2021, it joined Bitcoin’s bull run with the rest of the market. It saw its greatest surge in mid-May when it hit $11.69. Then, however, its price started spiraling down, and it kept going down until this day.

Is Nano a Good Investment?

Answering whether or not Nano is a good investment is not a simple matter. The coin has excellent technology backing it up; that much is certain. It also has great potential, and it is popular with investors. However, its price action, even before the bear market, suggests that Nano might be a risky asset.

The crypto winter caused all coins to go down, and Nano is no exception. But, Nano gave up on reaching its ATH months before the market turned. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad investment, however. But, it does suggest that investors and traders need to dedicate extra effort to researching it.

Nano: The Final Verdict

Thanks to the technology that makes Nano’s transaction instant, feeless, and secure, the coin quickly won the attention of investors. It is too early to say, but it may very well play a big role in bringing crypto to the masses. The fact that it calls itself “digital money for the modern world” suggests that it does have such plans.

Nano price prediction also suggests that XNO could see a significant increase in value next year. As always, this is not a certainty. The markets could take a turn for the worse like they did after FTX and Terra collapsed.  


Is Nano a Good Investment?

Nano has the potential as a long-term investment, but then again, so do most coins. The question is, whether it can survive until those distant “better times” in the future. As a short-term investment, one look at its charts reveals that Nano might be a fairly risky.

What Does Nano Do?

Nano aims to provide secure, instant, zero-fee transactions. As such, it also aims to become the money of the future. Its technology makes it far more scalable than regular blockchain-based coins, so the potential to achieve its goals is real.

What Is Special About XNO?

XNO is a native cryptocurrency of the Nano ecosystem — a crypto ecosystem that runs on technology like a blockchain. This technology, called DAG, has better architecture, making Nano transactions faster, cheaper, and more scalable.