How to Convert Small Balances into OKB on OKX?

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Dealing with small balances has always been a hassle for crypto traders, troublesome to trade and wasteful to discard. When it comes to an amount lower than 0.01 BTC for new crypto traders, it’s an asset loss that is not easily detectable and as in result, these small balances would end up lying in the accounts untouched instead of realizing their true value.

Chainalysis data had pointed out that about 2.87 million to 3.79 million Bitcoins have disappeared forever in 2017, which is a huge loss to the crypto market.

To facilitate our users to better manage and maximize their asset utilization, OKX launches “Convert Small Balances to OKB” product, which allows users to convert their small Bitcoin balances (less than 0.01 BTC) to OKB for unlimited number of times and avoid the loss!

Step 1: Hover on “Assets” on the top bar, click on “My Assets” and navigate to the “Assets landing page”.

Step 2: Click “Convert Small Balances to OKB”, check the small balances that need to be converted, and tap on “Convert”.

The total amount of small balances for conversion should be less than 0.01 BTC, and you can convert for OKB at one time or by many times, there is no limit on conversion times.

Step 3: Check on the conversion details and click “Confirm”.

Step 4: You can click “Conversion History” to find the history records.

Step 5: Done!