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If you are a developer of innovative blockchain projects, apply below to launch your projects on Jumpstart & reach out to millions of potential investors!
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  • When does Jumpstart launch projects?
    OKX Jumpstart will provide users with the opportunity to experience new high-quality blockchain projects from time to time. For all events, OKX will conduct warm-ups in advance and announce relevant rules for users to prepare for their participation. You can keep an eye on the latest news and notifications on OKX.
  • How can I participate in Jumpstart?
    First, you need to create your OKX account or log in with your existing account. Second, please make sure you have completed the Lv. 2 KYC verification. Last but not least, you need to hold a certain amount of OKB for staking before participation. After logging in, you can find [Jumpstart] on our platform and enter the homepage to view information and details. Just click on the screen, and you can complete staking or unstaking your OKB.
  • What types of events does Jumpstart provide?
    Currently, OKX Jumpstart provides two types of events - Mining and On Sale. With OKB staking, the Mining model allows users to gain token rewards issued by relevant projects. Every event has its own staking period and total staking limit, following on a "more staking, more tokens" basis. The On Sale model adopts "Pledge + Draw" to distribute tokens. This includes position census, pledging, reward census and reward distribution. Also, OKB is the only token officially taken for pledging during the whole process. Both models are not applicable for users in restricted countries/regions, and those allowed to participate should refer to OKX's announcements.