Gods Unchained
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0 ~ 2000 GODS

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GODS allotment rules
1. This mining session starts at 06:00 UTC on Oct 22, 2021 and ends at 06:00 UTC on Oct 29, 2021 .

2. You can only participate in this session with OKB. Transfer OKB to your funding account in advance.

3. To participate, you need to complete photo verification (level 2).

4. You can stake up to 2,000 OKB during this session. The total staking is unlimited.

5. You can unstake your OKB anytime without a lock-up period.

6. Yield is calculated every minute based on the ratio of your staked OKB amount to the total staked amount.

7. You can transfer your current yield to your funding account anytime.

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Project info
Gods Unchained is a free play-to-earn trading fantasy card game with epic duels between players. The game uses the Ethereum blockchain, so players have true digital ownership over their items that can be turned into NFTs on the ERC-721 standard. Players can earn and sell their items for real money, use them in Gods Unchained and even embed them into third-party games and tools. This makes Gods Unchained completely different from mainstream games.

Coinlist public sale% of total supplySale supplyPublic priceLock-up period
Public sale 14% 20,000,000$0.336Tokens begin unlocking after Jan 12, 2022
Public sale 23% 15,000,000$0.24Tokens begin unlocking after Jan 12, 2022
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Team members
James Ferguson
James Ferguson
Robbie Ferguson
Robbie Ferguson
Chris Clay
Chris Clay
Game Director