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Error codes

Error codes#

General class#

CodeHTTP statusMessage
1200Operation failed.
2200Bulk operation partially succeeded.
50000400Body can not be empty.
50001503Service temporarily unavailable, please try again later.
50002400Json data format error.
50004400Endpoint request timeout (does not mean that the request was successful or failed, please check the request result).
50005410API is offline or unavailable.
50006400Invalid Content_Type, please use "application/json" format.
50011429Rate limit reached. Please refer to API documentation and throttle requests accordingly
50013429System is busy, please try again later.
50014400Parameter {0} can not be empty.
50015400Either parameter {0} or {1} is required.
50016400Parameter {0} does not match parameter {1}.
50024200Parameter {0} and {1} can not exist at the same time.
50025200Parameter {0} count exceeds the limit {1}.
50026500System error.
50035200This endpoint requires that APIKEY must be bound to IP

API class#

CodeHTTP statusMessage
50102401Timestamp request expired.
50103401Request header "OK_ACCESS_KEY" can not be empty.
50104401Request header "OK_ACCESS_PASSPHRASE" can not be empty.
50105401Request header "OK_ACCESS_PASSPHRASE" incorrect.
50106401Request header "OK_ACCESS_SIGN" can not be empty.
50107401Request header "OK_ACCESS_TIMESTAMP" can not be empty.
50111401Invalid OK_ACCESS_KEY.
50112401Invalid OK_ACCESS_TIMESTAMP.
50113401Invalid signature.
50114401Invalid authorization.
50115405Invalid request method.
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