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Il prezzo BitKan oggi è -- con un turnover di -- a 24 ore. Il prezzo BitKan è giù 0,51% nelle ultime 24 ore. Il prezzo da KAN a viene aggiornato in tempo reale. L'attuale grado di capitalizzazione di mercato di questa criptovaluta è num. 277, con una capitalizzazione di mercato in tempo reale di --. L'offerta circolante è di 5.452.621.227 KAN.

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5.452.621.227 KAN
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Circa BitKan (KAN)

The token to be issued is called "KAN". A strict limit of 10 billion KAN will be issued, and will never be increased. KAN will be issued according to the Ethereum ERC 20 standard. The project team comes from BitKan, a one-stop digital asset investment platform providing professional services including smart trade, market data, global news, content community, and multi-chain e-wallet, with more than 5,000,000 users from over 170 countries. Established in November 2012, BitKan has raised CNY 15 million in Series A funding and USD 10 million in Series B funding. The investors include Bitmain, IDG Capital and Lanqi Ventures. BitKan's founding team includes former Huawei executives and Tencent product manager, with offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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