Yee Token(YEE)

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Basic information:

English Name:Yee Token

Token Name:YEE

Chinese Name:亿币


Yee - a blockchain-powered & cloud-based social ecosystem. This ecosystem includes YeeChain supporting instant money transfer and high efficient blockchain-based storage, YeeNet supporting cloud base communication, YeeCall app with 3000 registered users, YeeWallet and YeeStore which is a DApp and content management platform.

Amount and Price:

Total Amount:10 Billion YEE

Circulation Amount:2 Billion YEE(Before 2018/1/11)

Private Sale Time:2018/1/10

Private Sale Amount:2 Billion YEE

Private Sale Price:1 ETH ≈ 80000YEE (¥0.11)

Token Distribution:


It will be used for further development of Yee project, talent recruitment, market promoting and so on. The detailed information of capital used in this part will be published regularly.

30% - Ecosystem Incentive

Users can complete a specific action on Yee ecological platform, for example YeeCall, or WhatsApp, Line, and WeChat for rewards. This part totally accounts for 30%. It will be unlocked in 8 years


It will be used to return current cooperation institutions and establish business cooperation with relevant enterprises.

15%- Founding team

In order to reward founding team's effort in developing cryptocurrency and maintain and marketing YeeChain, YeeNet etc., the team will get YEE for rewarding

Project information:

Invested by ZhenFund, Sinovation Ventures, Vision Plus Capital, Ruchuan Capital, Longling Capital,Tipping Point Capital, ROOTSCAP,Node Capital etc.

Application in the market: YeeCall is a mobile app with 30 million users located Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, India and the Middle East.

YeeCall already built a network covering 277 countries worldwide, 1000 operators’ networks and has 5 data centers and 400+ connecting nodes. 70% data transmit efficiently through P2P. YeeCall is already working on IoT compatibility;

YeeCall is also one of the Facebook and Google global partners.


Official website:

White paper: white-paper/white-paper-en-V1.0.5.pdf

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