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  • Fistiana is a sport to earn Dapp, which will be equipped with wearable devices based on Web3.0 to achieve an immersive gaming experience in the future. It embeds Game-Fi and Social-Fi, allowing players to earn generous token rewards while playing the game. Fistiana genesis boxer NFTs in the mystery boxes will be used to participate in battles and games.

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    Fistiana Genesis Boxer NFT

  • Reva x LiveArtX NFTs are mystery boxes that can be randomly minted to 6 levels of Reva x LiveArtX NFTs with specific rights, including governance, exclusive NFT drops, exclusive art events, etc. There are also millions of $ART tokens embedded in the NFT. Reva is a professional programming artist. Until now, Reva has generated 30+ works. LiveArtX is a platform aiming to create a more transparent and equitable art industry. Catering to artists, collectors, and galleries, LiveArtX utilizes blockchain technology to disrupt the traditional fine art industry and makes art accessible to everyone.

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    Di-mint: 500 /500

    Artist Reva x LiveArtX NFT

  • 9,999 unique 3D Brian NFT collection is launched by the Braindom Games which has 150+ million downloads in the App Store and Google Play. Matchingham Games has launched 9 successful mobile games.

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    Brian NFTs by Braindom Games

  • BOOMGALA is an NFT project consisting of 10,000 avatars, and each NFT is a credential to enter the BOOMGALA metaverse. BOOMGALA will build apartments and games in the metaverse, and will set up DAO, while NFT holders will have the right to receive community profits and jointly govern the community.

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    BOOMGALA NFT public sale

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  • CherrySwap Official NFT Artwork launched OKX NFT Marketplace for the first auction


  • 2021 Coinllectibles Bronze Fusion NFTs

  • FastaMAX NFT launches its unique play method: MINT TO EARN

  • Eternal Youth

  • CU & OKX CryptoUniverse takes you to the Metaverse

  • Blade Warrior Genesis (Limited Edition) for OEC

  • The Most Powerful Game Equip & Gladiator for Play-to-Earn

  • Tentang Primer

    Primer/ INO adalah platform penerbitan eksklusif dari Pasar NFT OKX. Di sini, proyek berkualitas meluncurkan penawaran yang sepenuhnya terdesentralisasi dan memiliki peluang yang setara. Pengguna dapat mengakses lebih awal dengan harga yang menguntungkan.

    Pengguna atau pemain dapat membuat pesanan sebelum NFT masuk ke pasar sekunder untuk mendapatkan harga yang lebih menarik atau prioritas guna mencoba proyek terlebih dahulu.

    Apa itu Pasar Primer NFT OKX?
    OKX NFT Marketplace joins hands with NFT projects, artists, creators, celebrities, gameFi, and virtual worlds etc. We are dedicated to facilitating the initial offerings of top NFT assets.
    What are the types of launch activity?
    Di pasar utama NFT, kami mendukung berbagai event, termasuk undian daftar putih, penjualan kilat, mint, pelelangan, dan penjualan kilat daftar putih.
    Apa itu Aktivitas Daftar Putih?
    Whitelist activity is selected premium activities by OKX NFT, an activity type towards loyal users of OKX NFT. Users need to finish whitelist tasks to obtain purchase qualification.
    What is Mint Activity?
    Aktivitas mint didasarkan pada kemitraan dengan penerbit yang memungkinkan pengguna melakukan mint NFT secara langsung.
    Jaringan blockchain apa saja yang didukung di Pasar NFT OKX?
    NFT OKX memiliki jumlah blockchain yang didukung paling banyak: Ethereum, BSC, OKC, Polygon, IMX, Avalanche-C, dan Solana. Pasar utama kami memungkinkan penjualan kilat dan mint pada berbagai jaringan termasuk Ethereum, OKC, BSC, Polygon, dan Avalanche-C. Dukungan untuk jaringan dan event lainnya akan segera hadir.