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Introduction to developer portal

Introduction to developer portal#

This guide will introduce you to the developer portal interface, its layout, functionalities, and how to best use it to build your applications better and faster.

Developer portal interface#

There are 3 main components in the developer portal interface, we've annotated them with numerical labels for ease of understanding:

  • Box 1: The tab for projects and accounts allows you to toggle between the options to manage projects and user accounts respectively, which will change the content reflected in Box 3.
  • Box 2: The Create new project button enables you to create a new project and its corresponding API key.
  • Box 3: The table reflects the available projects and accounts. This is also the section where you manage or delete the projects and accounts.


Here is what the developer portal looks like when you select Account in the tab. On this page, you can see the Ethereum address and email address associated with your user account.