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Harga Ronin Network hari ini sebesar -- dengan omzet 24 jam sebanyak --. Harga Ronin Network mengalami turun 3,62% dalam 24 jam terakhir. Harga RON ke diperbarui secara waktu nyata. Peringkat kapitalisasi pasar saat ini adalah No.140, dengan nilai kapitalisasi pasar waktu nyata sebesar --. Kripto tersebut memiliki pasokan yang beredar sebanyak 148.339.298 RON.

Informasi Pasar Ronin Network

24j Tinggi/Rendah
24 Jam Rendah--
Harga Terakhir --
24j tinggi--
Tingkat Indeks Popularitas
Peringkat Kapitalisasi Pasar
Kapitalisasi Pasar
Tingkat yang dimasukkan ke favorit
Rekor Tertinggi
Rekor Terendah
Tanggal ICO
Harga ICO
Pasokan Beredar
148.339.298 RON
Kapitalisasi Pasar Pada Pasokan Beredar

Tentang Ronin Network (RON)

The Ronin Network is an Ethereum sidechain launched in February 2021 by Sky Mavis — the developers of the hit GameFi title Axie Infinity. An Ethereum fork, the network facilitates the fast, cheap transactions required for play-to-earn gaming. Ronin was originally a proof-of-authority network, with validators selected from influential participants in the blockchain game and NFT niches. With the early 2022 launch of its native token, RON, the network will transition to a delegated proof-of-stake model. In addition to powering its consensus mechanism and usage as a medium of exchange, RON will serve as the network's governance token. The token's initial distribution was via Ronin Network's flagship decentralized exchange, Katana. Starting with RON/ETH, those providing liquidity to Katana pools related to Axie Infinity assets will receive RON. Additional RON is distributed via staking rewards to validators and those delegating tokens to them.

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