Demo trading

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I submitted an RFQ on the demo environment and have not received any quotes. How do I get a quote for my RFQ?

The most likely reason you wouldn't have received a quote on demo trading is because the counterparty(ies) you've selected isn't checking or responding. To ensure the demo environment provides a valuable learning experience, OKX has created a pricing bot named WAGMI who will automatically respond to any RFQs sent in demo trading. In order to receive prices from the bot, please select it as a counterparty before submitting your RFQ on the "RFQ Builder" page.

Who is the pricing bot WAGMI and how do its prices work?

WAGMI is a counterparty available to trade with on the demo trading environment for Block Trading by OKX. By indicating it as a counterparty on your RFQ, it will provide you with a valid execution price. Its prices will be based on the best price currently available on the order book, with a spread. It will only quote your RFQ once and leave this price live for 60 seconds before allowing it to expire. To get a new price from the trading bot, please cancel and re-price your demo RFQ.
Please be reminded that quotes made by the trading bot WAGMI are for reference only and should not be considered as an offer to transact in digital assets nor should it be interpreted as the price you should expect when trading with real assets.