OKX take profit and stop loss optimisation

Published on Jun 19, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20242 min read

Optimisation #1: Modify take profit / stop loss orders anytime, anywhere

  1. Modify any TP/SL parameters: You can now modify your existing take profit and stop loss orders in real-time. You can adjust the price levels, quantities, and other key parameters to adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring their strategies remain aligned with market movements.
  2. Flexibility in Profit-Taking: Capture profits at opportune moments and secure gains as the market fluctuates, reacting to price surges or trend reversals. This feature helps you to optimize your profit-taking strategies and adapt to evolving market dynamics.
  3. Risk Management: Modifying stop loss orders is crucial for effective risk management. You can set new price levels for their stop loss orders to limit potential losses, according to market volatility, reducing exposure to unfavorable price movements and protecting their investment capital.
  4. Efficient Portfolio Management: The ability to modify take profit and stop loss orders facilitates efficient portfolio management. You can fine-tune their strategies by adjusting multiple orders simultaneously, streamlining their trading activities and responding swiftly to market changes.

Optimisation #2: Change your take profit / stop loss order size without limits

Key Features:
Removal of order size limits for TP/SL on Hedge Mode: OKX now enables users to adjust the size of their take profit and stop loss orders without any restrictions on Hedge Mode. Traders can increase or decrease the quantities as per their trading strategy, responding to market conditions and their risk appetite.

For any inquiries regarding this adjustment, please feel free to contact us via the OKX Telegram group or the Support Center.

June 19, 2023