Step by Step Guide to Managed Trading Sub Accounts

Published on Mar 21, 2023Updated on Jul 3, 20248 min read

The first part of the document is for investors, to skip to the trading team, scroll down to the trading team section

Guide for Investors

Creation of Managed Trading Sub Accounts

1. Once logged in, select the [Sub Account] Section under your profile icon.

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2. Select Create Sub Account

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3. Set up a [Login ID and Password] - [Account Type: Managed Trading Sub-Account] - [Edit: Configure according to your preference] - [Submit]

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Note: You can turn on deposit if you want the trading team to be able to deposit funds into your account with your whitelisted wallet addresses

Binding of Managed Sub Accounts to Trading Team

1. Click on 【Link trading team account】

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2. Key in the trading team UUID; you should have requested the UUID of the trading team beforehand. Complete the 2FA after entering a Valid Trading Team UID and bind with the Trading Team

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3. When successful, you will see that the account has a “Binding" status

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Transferring of funds into Managed Trading Sub-Account

  1. Select 【Transfer】

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  2. Select the Crypto and the amount before transferring the Managed Trading Sub-Accounts

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Unbinding the Managed Trading Sub Account from Trading Team

There are 2 ways to unbind accounts. It can either be automated based on certain threshold or done manually. The default setting for auto-unbindingis disabled

How to turn on Auto-Unbinding

1. Go to 【Action】- 【Managed Trading Sub-Accounts Settings】-【Turn on Auto Unbinding】

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2. Once turned on, you can set the threshold accordingly. You may create an alert notification to notify yourself if your equity goes below a certain limit

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3. Your Managed Trading Sub-Accounts will be automatically unbinded once the funds reach the limit of your unbinding threshold

Manual Unbinding

  1. Go to 【Binding】- 【Unbind】, key verification code to unbind.

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  2. Once successfully unbinded, you will see 【Link trading team account】status

Deleting Managed Trading Sub-Accounts

After unbinding, we encourage you to delete the Managed Trading Sub-Account if you are not planning to use it. The main purpose to make it easier for you to keep track of your sub accounts

1. Go to 【Actions】 - 【Delete sub-account】 -【Enter the authentication code】

Enable Withdrawal and Deposits

Under special circumstances, you may want to allow the trading team to withdraw and deposits funds into the managed trading sub account. This can only be done by whitelisting the specific wallet address on the master account (not the sub account)

Enabling Withdrawals

1. On your master account go to 【Assets】-【Withdraw】

Step 1 Withdrawal

2. Select any crypto to withdraw, click 【Next】

Step 2 withdrawal

3. Under USDT address/domain click on 【Enable】

Step 3 Withdrawal

4. Turn on Allowlist Enabled (New address withdrawal lock can be kept on or off depending on your preference)

Step 4 Withdrawal

5. Add a new address. Make sure you select the correct withdrawal network and enter the correct address/domain. Name it for easier reference in future

Step 5a WithdrawalWithdrawal 5b

6. Ensure to tick "Save as verified address to skip future verification"

Once the above steps are completed, please inform trading teams that they can use API to withdraw funds to the specific wallet address. Inform them to tick the withdrawal check box when creating the API key if they need to withdraw

Enabling Deposits

  1. Navigate to the Sub Accounts

  2. Navigate to [Actions] - [Turn on Deposits].

Deposit 1 new

Once deposits are turned on, trading team can deposit funds from any whitelisted wallets into this sub account

Guide for Trading Team

How to become a Trading Team

You need to create an account in OKX, with VIP level >= 1. If meet this requirement please contact to apply.

How to start trading the funds on Managed Trading Sub-Accounts

1. Login to your OKX account and navigate to the 【API】tab

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2. Select the [client accounts] tab and select the account you want to create an API for, then click on [Create V5 API key]

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3. When creating API keys remember to tick the trade box. If investors have included a wallet address for you, do checkmark the withdraw button as well

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4. To understand how to trade with API keys refer to this page

Viewing Permission For Investors

As a trader, you can restrict viewing permission of the investors to adjust the viewing permission of the investor. There are 2 settings that you, as a trader, can toggle with

  1. Go to the 【Sub-account】tab and select 【Client Accounts】

  2. Go to 【Action】-【Managed Trading Sub-Account】 you want to toggle adjust the viewing permissions for the investors

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3. After doing so select [Trading History]. Toggle the settings according to what you and client are agreeable to.

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