OKX lists Internet Computer's native asset, ICP, for spot trading and launches $10M fund to support ecosystem

Published on May 10, 2021Updated on Jun 4, 20242 min read

OKX is pleased to announce the listing of ICP — the native crypto asset of the Internet Computer — on our spot trading markets. Trading of ICP will begin once liquidity conditions are met. The current schedule is as follows:

ICP deposits open at 2:00 am UTC on May 10

The Internet Computer’s creators, the DFINITY Foundation, describe the project as a decentralized version or extension of the public internet. Geared towards developers and entrepreneurs, the creators of websites and software, the project boasts blockchain technology that runs at web speed, efficient data processing and storage and high security.

The ICP token is used for decision making on the network, as well as a utility token to pay for services within the decentralized ecosystem.

Asset Name: ICP utility token

Ticker: ICP

OKX Blockdream Ventures invests $10M to develop the Internet Computer

OKX's newly established investment arm, Blockdream Ventures, has announced its collaboration with the Internet Computer ecosystem. OKX’s fund will provide $10 million in dedicated funds and resources to support high-quality projects building in the Internet Computer ecosystem.

For more information, please email blockdream@OKX.com

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May 10 2021

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