Announcement: New lead trader levels

Published on Aug 30, 2023Updated on Jun 10, 20243 min read

Dear OKX trader,

In line with our Lead Trader Behavior Playbook, to ensure lead traders are leading trades under their real identity, and to better understand new lead traders, we're introducing changes to lead trader levels. The changes will take effect from August 30, 2023.

The main changes are as follows:

L1: Basic Lead Trader L2: Intermediate Lead Trader L3: Advanced Lead Trader
Basic requirements
Completed at least Level 2 identity verification 90-day average AUM > 20,000 USDT 90-day average AUM > 100,000 USDT
Copy trading performance /
Have 100 copy traders for 7 consecutive days Have 500 copy traders for 7 consecutive days
Verification / Video Verification Video Verification
Trading account assets At least 500 USDT At least 50,000 USDT
At least 50,000 USDT
Benefits Can be copied by up to 100 copy traders Can be copied by up to 500 copy traders Can be copied by up to 1,000 copy traders
Exclusive copy trader communication group
1-on-1 service from a member of our team
Opportunities for offline meetings with our team

# Related questions

How will current existing lead traders be affected by the change?

Lead traders with fewer than 100 copy traders will automatically be set to the Basic Lead Trader level. Lead traders with 100-500 copy traders will automatically be set to the Intermediate Lead Trader level.

Why is OKX introducing new thresholds to upgrade your level?

We'd like to encourage long-term lead traders who trade authentically with their actual funds. Therefore, before we give traders more influence and benefits, we need them to demonstrate they've had a consistently high AUM and have sufficiently high funds in their trading account.

Why do I need to carry out video verification?

We want to ensure our lead traders are trading seriously and authentically. We're using video verification to ensure that each trader has just one account, and to prevent traders from switching accounts if their performance data is poor.

Before we've observed and verified new traders, they'll only be able to have a maximum of 100 copy traders.

How do I apply to increase my level?

Send an email in the following format to our official email. Email example: Lead trader Jason wants to level up from Basic Lead Trader to Advanced Lead trader Email subject: Jason-OKX Application to level up to Advanced Lead Trader Recipient:

  • Desired level: Advanced Lead Trader

  • Account UID: 23443244899 (You can find this in your "Profile and settings" in the app) - Updated profile: Update your profile before your video verification, using the following as a reference.

  1. Intro: Master's in Financial Engineering & 5y finance experience. 10+ financial certifications.

  2. Experience: 6y+ stock experience. Specialize in contracts & options. Traded crypto since 2015. 3. Achievements: 135%+ PnL in stocks. Increased crypto from 1k to 50k USDT. Have had 2k+ copy traders & max AUM of 5m. Max drawdown < 30%.

  3. Style: Mostly trade mainstream crypto, like BTC & ETH. Mostly day trading & medium-term. Suggest copying >1 month w/ maximum total amount of 500+ USDT. Avoid high leverage!

How do I find out if my application was successful?

We'll notify you within 7 working days in the OKX app if you meet the requirements and pass our risk-control process. We'll then ask you to carry out video verification.

At OKX copy trading, we're continually working to provide you with high-quality features and services.

OKX Copy trading team August 30, 2023