OKX is now integrated with Good Crypto


OKX is pleased to announce that we have integrated with Good Crypto, an all-in-one trading and portfolio management app allowing spot trading and future trading with a huge variety of innovative and advanced trading and analytical tools.

  • The GoodCrypto app enables traders to connect advanced conditional trading orders such as Trailing Stop, Stop Loss and Take Profit to their initial orders without freezing their accounts.
  • Also, with Good Crypto, you can easily access the best crypto trading bots on the market, such as DCA, Grid, and Infinity Trailing, to automate and simplify your trading process.
  • In terms of portfolio tracking and management, the app with user-friendly UI/UX connects the most popular blockchain wallets and exchanges to provide users with insightful analytics and a broad range of price alerts.

About Good Crypto

Good Crypto is a multi-exchange trading app allowing users to trade and track portfolios on 33 crypto exchanges. As a cross-platform app, Good Crypto is available for Android, iOS, and Web.

Looking for a cherry on top?

Good Crypto allows you to trade on OKX until June 1 with 100% discount - all for FREE!

Just click on the link, sign up, connect your API keys, and trade in full swing on OKX with Good Crypto PRO tools right now!