OKX Broker program upgrade


As one of the world's largest spot and derivatives crypto exchanges, OKX has been committed to supporting the wide adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets. We are continuously improving our crypto ecosystem with third-party integrations — ranging from trading strategy providers to asset managers and wallet merchants — in order to offer a diverse variety of products and services to more end users.

The OKX Broker program similarly empowers third-party broker platforms with a wide range of solutions to enhance their product offerings. Our tight integration means as we grow, so do our products and broker solutions.

Our broker program currently offers one existing model while two new ones are set to launch soon:

  • FD - API Broker - Fully-disclosed API Broker

  • ND - API Broker - Non-disclosed API Broker

  • FD - OAuth Broker - Fully-disclosed OAuth Broker

These models are specifically designed for asset management platforms, wallet providers, payment platforms, trading strategy providers as well as trading platform aggregators.

All of our broker models allow third-party platforms to take advantage of OKX’s liquidity on both spot and derivatives markets. The ND API is the only broker model that offers a white labeled solution, so the user operations and front-end development can be maintained by the brokers directly, allowing them to create a consistent and seamless user experience.

Joining our program as a broker is a three-step process:

1. Submit an application at https://www.OKX.com/broker

2. Wait for application review by OKX (usually 2 working days)

3. Start earning commissions


OKX reserves the right to cancel or amend the program rules at our sole discretion.

Thanks for your support!

OKX Team

Dec 7, 2021