OKX supports STX stacking to earn BTC


To support the Stacks community and ecosystem, OKX will launch STX “stacking” — a process similar to staking on proof-of-stack blockchains — on April 13. OKX customers will now be able to stack their STX via OKX’s Earn interface and receive daily rewards in BTC. The estimated annualized rate of return for STX stacking is 10%. Please note, however, that APY is subject to change and that this is just an estimate.

Why stack STX on OKX?

1. OKX is one of the earliest exchanges to support STX Stacking to earn BTC rewards

2. OKX will distribute all the generated BTC rewards to our customers

3. Stacking STX is easy and convenient via OKX earn

STX stacking rules on OKX:

1. Stacking revenue calculation: OKX will calculate the proportion of each customer’s stackingcapital compared to the platform’s total stacking Customers will then share the daily on-chain revenue in the same proportion.

2. Yield distribution: BTC rewards will be distributed every day around 4:00 am UTC, based proportionally on a user's stacked

3. Minimum amount required for stacking: 50 STX.

How to participate:

Web: Click Finance in the top navigation bar and click on Earn. Once you select STX on Earn, you’ll see the offer to stack STX and earn BTC.

App: Tap Earn/DeFi from the homepage and choose to stack STX.

For any inquiries regarding this new offering, please feel free to contact us in the OKX Telegram group or via the Support Center.

April 13, 2021