OKX supports DOT staking & Polkadot ecosystem development


Dear valued users,
To support the Polkadot community and ecosystem, OKX will launch DOT staking service by Dec 31,2020(HKT). Users will be able to stake DOT just with one-click and earn daily revenues.

Why stake DOT on OKX?
1.OKX will assume all the cost of DOT node set-up;
2.OKX will distribute all the generated on-chain revenues to the users;
3.OKX has established Block Dream Fund to support global high-quality blockchain projects with an initial capital of $100 million. The foundation will focus on investing in projects that will help to the development of blockchain infrastructure, Polkadot ecosystem, DeFi, and OKXChain ecosystem. Users can participate in DOT staking on OKX and contribute to the development of Polkadot ecosystem.

DOT staking rules:
1.Staking revenue calculation: OKX will calculate the proportion of each user’s staking principal to the platform’s total staking principal. Users can share the on-chain revenue daily, and the revenue will be distributed in DOT;
2.Revenue distribution: The revenue will be automatically distributed to the users’ Funding Account at 03:00 on the next day.
3.Min staking amount for participation: 1 DOT;

How to participate
Web: Click on Finance from the top navigation bar, select Earn to enter the activity page and stake DOT.
App: Tap Earn/DeFi on the homepage and choose to stake DOT.

About Block Dream Fund
Supporting the most cutting-edge blockchain technology innovation, Block Dream Fund aims to promote the sound development of the global blockchain industry. It focuses on long-term value investment and is committed to accompanying those entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to this industry to establish great companies, thereby bringing global resources and rich operating experience to blockchain projects.
Contact us: BlockDream@OKX.com

Best regards,
Dec. 28 2020

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