OKB Buy-Back & Burn Report (Mar 1 - May 31, 2020)


Dear valued customers,

OKB has launched the 8th round of Buy-back & Burn between Mar 1 and May 31, 2020. The amount of OKB bought back and burned was 3,509,874.52 OKB, equivalent to USD 19,000,000 (according to the OKB price on June 2, 2020).

The OKB Buy-Back & Burn program was initially launched on May 4, 2019, OKX started to buy back OKB tokens from the original supply of 300,000,000 OKB every 3 months according to the seasonal market and operating performance — which were subsequently sent to a burning address that nobody can access.

As of today, we have already burned a total of 20,671,583.58 OKB, the current OKB in circulation is 279,328,416.42 OKB.

The black-hole address for coin burn is as follows:


The number and quality of OKB's platform privileges continue to increase. As of today, OKB has built a total of 14 internal privileges based on the OKX platform for millions of users around the world. As an OKB holder, you can enjoy the following privileges when you trade on OKX:

  • Trading fee discounts: OKB holders can enjoy discounts on transaction fees when they trade on the OKX platform;
  • OKX Jumpstart: OKB holders can participate in the sales of high-quality blockchain assets through OKX Jumpstart;
  • OKB Saving service: OKB holders can enjoy the passive income brought by depositing OKB in Savings every day. Depositing and withdrawing are flexible and interests is accrued every day, with no minimum deposit limit;
  • Convert small balances to OKB: OKX users can convert any asset valued less than 0.001 BTC into OKB in their Funding Account;

In the future, all user rights and privileges based on OKX trading platform will be automatically upgraded and enhanced.

OKB connects every user: https://www.OKX.com/okb

To meet the increasing trading demands and the continuous development of the OKB ecosystem, OKB has been expanding its trading channels worldwide:

  • C2C Trading Pairs: OKB current support a plethora of mainstream fiat currencies, including USD, Euro, Korean Won, Vietnam Dong, Indonesia Rupiah and Ruble.
  • Spot Trading Pairs: Apart from OKX, OKB is also listed on more than 50 global exchanges, such as Bitfinex, Bitmax and more.

In the future, OKB will further expand and enhance its trading channels to serve its global users, so that more users can enjoy the ecological benefits of OKB.

Currently,OKB has developed 50 ecological application scenarios worldwide, covering payment,transactions,wallets, loan and financial management,technical security, tourism, life services, entertainment, social networking, electronic contracts, and C2C services.

OKB holders can enjoy the first-class security services, mortgage lending services, various wallet services, online and offline shopping payment services, hotel reservation services, etc. through OKB.

OKB team will continue to cultivate a strong connection with its global supporters, while listening to their feedback for future improvements. OKB is committed to offering first-class services to uses and sharing the benefits of blockchain industry development with all partners.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at okb@OKX.com or Telegram (English): t.me/OKXOfficial_English.

June 3, 2020 (UTC)

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