How to convert small balances to OKB?


What is Small Balances?

Any tradable digital asset with a balance less than 0.001 BTC is considered a small balance which can be converted to OKB by using the Convert Small Balances to OKB feature.

How do you convert Small Balances to OKB?

  1. Select Assets > My Assets > Funding, before selecting Convert Small Balances to OKB to enter the Convert to OKB page.
    CT-depositandwithrawcrypto-smallbalancesokb-web1Start converting your small balances to OKB
  2. Check the small balances that need to be converted, and select Convert.
  3. You can select Conversion History to search for the history records.
    CT-depositandwithrawcrypto-smallbalancesokb-web2Check your conversion history details that includes everything from your action to the fee in OKB


  • You can find your OKB in Funding Account after the conversion.
  • You can convert assets with a total balance below 10 USD five times every 24 hours. No conversion of delisted assets is supported.
  • You can convert balances to OKB once every 24 hours.
  • Suspended transactions and delisted digital assets can't be exchanged.
  • Considering the impact of price fluctuations on BTC price, the system suggests an estimated exchange price. The final amount of OKB is exchanged based on the market price at the moment when you select the Confirm button.
  • Conversion is only available when the price fluctuates within 5%.