Potential Impacts of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork on OKX Futures Market

Dear valued customers,
As Bitcoin Cash will perform a scheduled hard-fork at UNIX time 1542300000 (17:40, Nov 15, 2018 - CET), we would like to explain the potential impacts of it on our futures market.
1. After the hard fork, our BCH futures contract's subject will be BCH (Bitcoin ABC).
2. Our BCH index is composed of the prices of BCH on OKX (BCH/BTC), Bittrex (BCH/BTC), and Bitfinex (BCH/USD):
- Before the fork, if the trading pairs remain unchanged, the index will be calculated with the same methodology
- Before the fork, if the above exchanges make changes on the BCH trading pairs, or after the fork, the BCH trading pairs of the exchanges no longer represent BCH (Bitcoin ABC)'s price, a necessary adjustment will be made to ensure the index tracks BCH (Bitcoin ABC)'s price. We will make an announcement to notify you if such adjustment is necessary.
3. BCH's price may greatly fluctuate before and after the fork due to certain factors. Please manage your risk carefully.
4. The details of BCH's hard fork snapshot and airdrop will be explained in a further announcement.
Thank you for your continued support.
Nov 9, 2018