OKX Token Listing Vote - Round 2  


Dear Valued Customers,

Following the successful completion of the 1st round of OKX Listing Vote, the 2nd round is scheduled to open for 3 days, from 00:00 Jun 20 to 23:59:59 Jun 22, 2018 (Hong Kong time). After rigorous reviews, there are 24 projects qualified for the 2nd round listing vote. Those projects not considered for the 2nd round are eligible to enroll in the 3rd round.

The candidate projects in the 2nd round listing vote are:

CFun Project (CFun)

AAAChain (AAA)


Infinity Project (HYCON)

Ink (INK)

Hero Node (HER)

Ulord (UT)


WeFilmchain (FilmC)

HelloGold (HGT)

Cyber-Physical Chain (CPC)

TrustNote (TTT)

Bodhi (BOT)

LinkEye (LET)

Metaverse (ETP)

Odyssey (OCN)

HalalChain (HLC)



Cryptoworld public chain (CWV)

InvestDigital (IDT)

Ruff Chain (RUFF)

SoPay (SOP)

Furthermore, in order to bring a better voting experience to project teams and users, the following new incentives are added in the 2nd round:

  1. Project teams may assign vote-incentive tokens. After successful listing, users can receive vote-incentive tokens in proportion to their votes. For example, Project A had assigned 1 million vote-incentive tokens and received 1 million votes in total. As such, each supporting users would receive 1 vote-incentive token. Project teams may choose not to assign any, or to carry out non-deductible adjustments to the amount of vote-incentive tokens in the middle of the voting period. The vote-incentive tokens will be delivered to users in 2 installments: the first half 7 days after the listing day, and the other half 14 days after the listing day. Unlisted projects are not required to pay any vote-incentive tokens to users.

  1. New daily ranking and incentive vote mechanism are launched. In each voting day (00:00 – 24:00), top 3 candidate projects with the highest number of new votes will be awarded 15%, 10% and 5% of the number of new votes according to order as incentive votes. Vote counting and incentive votes assignment will be complete within 5 minutes after a voting day ends.

Other rules for Listing Vote remain unchanged in the 2nd round. For details, please refer to our OKX Token Listing Vote Rules.

The application for the 3rd round of OKX Token Listing Vote is now open. Project teams are welcome to apply via OKX Token Listing Vote Application. Qualified projects will be enlisted as our candidate projects next round.



Jun 13, 2018

Updated June 14, 2018:
The project team WeFilmchain (FilmC)is unable to participate in the Listing Vote (Round 2) due to under-preparation.