Recovering Deposits with Incorrect Addresses


Dear valued customers,

Depositing into an incorrect address is a very common but also complicated issue. Because digital asset transfer are usually irreversible, due to hot wallet's high-level security requirements. Still, at OKX, we always make our best efforts to serve every of our customers. We promise to help recover the funds caused by this issue, even many other exchanges found it impossible.

To expedite the recovery process, we have decided to credit the accounts with deposits under USD15,880 in advance with the platform's funds. The currently lost deposit will be recovered and taken over by us at a later time.

We have now credited 2838.43 LTC, 198.77 BCH, 41385.09 USDT, 918.29 BCD, 2.05 SBTC to 269 accounts with incorrect deposit address issues (BCD-BTC, BCH-BTC, LTC-BTC, SBTC-BTC, USDT-BTC).

We expect that our 3rd generation digital asset wallet will arrive soon. In this cutting-edge digital wallet, BTC, LTC, BCH, ETC, ETH and more tokens will share the same deposit addresses, thus solving the issue once and for all. But for now, we are regret to say that checking the details carefully before making any deposits is the best possible way to avoid the problem. Since recovering the funds requires a very complicated procedure, which also takes considerable time.



Apr 10, 2018 (Hong Kong Time)