(Apr 1 - 7) OKX Weekly Update


1. Futures Trading Fee Waived for 7 Days


Transaction fees of Futures Trading will be waived for 7 days starting 00:00 Apr 1, 2018 (Hong Kong Time), as a gesture of our concern for your inconvenience caused in the Futures incident.


2. SSC Mainnet Token Swap Will be Supported


Selfsell Coin (SSC) mainnet has been officially released. All SSC tokens that are currently in the ACT blockchain will need to be registered with SSC mainnet in order to claim future SSC blockchain tokens.

Registering your SSC tokens can be complicated and involves the risk of asset loss. We highly recommend you to deposit your SSC into OKX, and we will handle all technical requirements involved for completing the registration.


3. Delisting of Centra Tech (CTR)


Centra Tech team has been charged with fraud by U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2018-53). To protect our customers, we have decided to close all Centra Tech (CTR) trading pairs on our platform (15:10 Apr 3, 2018 Hong Kong Time). All pending orders of the trading pairs will be cancelled, but the withdrawal service of CTR will still be available until further notice.


4.Fiat C2C Trading – New Release of Verified Traders

To offer you a more secure trading environment, we have upgraded our C2C trading system. Now you can trade more conveniently with our verified traders to avoid unecessary risks.

What's new?

  1. Dedicated trading area for verified traders
  2. Enhanced order creation features
  3. Added Two Factor Authentication & SMS verification for change of bank card