(Feb 4 - 10) OKX Weekly Update


1. Number One in Total Trading Volume


OKX remained the number 1 exchange in total trading volume globally for most of the days this week. The most traded currencies are BTC, ETH and BCH.

Source: CoinMarketCap


2. OKB Red Packets


To celebrate Chinese New Year and the launch of our own utility token, we initiated a red packet campaign which our customers can get free OKB by trading more than the volume of 5 BTC in token trading.

You may find the details at: http://goo.gl/ByWU9a

More OKB giveaways will be launched in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

3. New OKCoin International Site


More features, better visuals. Thanks to our team’s great effort, new OKCoin International site has been launched. Experience fast and secured trading of BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC and BCH with USD here at: https://www.okcoin.com/

4. BTC and LTC Deposit Addresses Update


To reduce BTC and LTC deposit and withdrawal time on OKX, we have updated the BTC and LTC deposit addresses for ALL of our customers.

The old addresses will be disabled gradually within a month. Therefore, we recommend you to check your address every time prior to making your deposit, in order to avoid any unnecessary loss.

5. New Tokens Listed


7 new tokens are listed this week, including:

  • Cloud-Insurance Chain (CIC) – World Premiere
  • Gifto (GTO)
  • ChatCoin (CHAT)
  • InsurChain (INSUR)
  • Revain (R)
  • Commerceblock (CBT)
  • Ubique Chain of Things (UCT) – World Premiere

You may check the go-live schedule here at: https://support.OKX.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000447632-New-Token

Featured image from StarLine@freepik