PM Day OKX 01.22 – 01.26 Product Updates


There are quite a number of updates this week. Let’s get it started:

A. Futures Trading

  1. Price limit rules

New price limit rules are being adopted: the upper & lower limits are now 1±25% of the index price. 10 minutes after a future is listed the upper & lower limits will be = avg. premium/discount within last 10min + index price (1±3%).

The new rules can ensure, even after volatile market movements, the open orders prices are still in 1±25% range of the spot index.

  1. Market-close-all

All pending close orders of the contracts are required to be canceled prior to liquidate the holding position(s) at market price.

B. Token Trading

  1. Price limits

Should an order would be filled, regardless its filled quantity, at the price of ±30% from best bid & offer by the time it executed in the orderbook, the said order would be entirely cancelled. Otherwise, the order would be executed and matched normally.

It is designed to prevent execution errors which may lead to unnecessary loss and volatile price movements when placing orders.

  1. Reviewing all open orders

You will be able to review all open orders on desktop website and app.

Go to "Tokens Trading > Market Orders > Trading Orders" to view all open orders.

The same function will be launched in order history soon. Please stay tuned.

C. OKX App Closed Beta (latest release

A lot of updates are coming to our closed beta app. You may have to download and update to the latest version here:

Update details:

  1. Spot token trading now supports reviewing all open orders
  2. Enhanced market-close-all function in futures trading
  3. Market data page now supports swipe gesture for switching between trading zones
  4. Futures indices in market data now support chart display

D. Newly listed tokens

TrueChain(TRUE), OF(OFCOIN), SOC(All Sports Coin) are listed this week. You may refer to our announcements for details. Up till now, OKX supports the trading of 139 tokens.