OKX to adjust components of USDT/USD index


To improve market stability, OKX will adjust the components of USDT/USD index between 6:00–6:30 am UTC on Mar. 16, 2023. Component adjustment details are as follows:

Index Before After
Exchange Pair Weight Exchange Pair Weight
USDT/USD Bitfinex USDT/USD 20% Bitfinex USDT/USD 25%
Coinbase USDT/USD 20% Coinbase USDT/USD 25%
Kraken USDT/USD 20% Kraken USDT/USD 25%
Okcoin USDT/USD 20%

Remark: The new index components will be effective within 20 minutes after the adjustment

Learn more: /markets/index-price-list

Index Price Computation

1. The latest price and volume of each index constituent is retrieved from selected exchanges in real time.

2. If the relevant exchange is under maintenance, or if any constituent price/volume has no update for a certain time (vary from currency), the constituent data will be temporarily treated as invalid and excluded from index calculation.

3. If the exchange trading pair in the index sample is inconsistent with that of the index, it shall be converted into the corresponding price of the same currency based on BTC/USDT, BTC/USD, USDC/USD, USDT/USD, etc. For example, if a component of the ETH/USD index is ETH/USDT, multiply the component by the price of the USDT/USD index to convert it into the price of the ETH/USD index.

4. Final calculation depends on the number of exchanges with valid data. More details:

  • More than 3 exchanges with valid data: apply equally-weighted price average (however, if the price of any exchange deviates more than 3% from the median price of all exchanges, the exchange's price will be bounded within median price * 0.97 and median price * 1.03).
  • Only 2 exchanges with valid data: apply equally-weighted price average.
  • Only 1 exchange with valid data: its last traded price will be used as the index price directly.

Component adjustments can cause an index’s mark price to fluctuate, affecting the corresponding instrument’s margin and contract trading markets.

Users are advised to take necessary measures before an adjustment, such as reducing positions, adding margin, lowering leverage or even closing positions to avoid potential risks introduced by market volatility.

For any inquiries regarding this adjustment, please feel free to contact us in the OKX Telegram group or via the Support Center.


Mar. 16, 2023 (UTC)