MRST Trading Competition,$20,000 in Rewards to Be Won!



Dear OKX users,

OKX Web3 DEX will exclusively launch the MRST trading pool on Nov 9, 2022, and open the MRST trading competition.

Time: 21:00 Nov 09, 2022 -- 21:00 Nov 19, 2022 (HKT)

Promotion A: Trade MRST to win $18,000

During the campaign, MRST will be traded on OKX Web3 DEX and each day will be ranked according to the total MRST trading volume (buy + sell) completed by the user on that day (21:00 - 21:00 HKT the next day).

The top 20 daily users will share $1,800 equivalent MRST according to the proportion of transaction volume, which will last for 10 days.

Every day at 14:00(HKT), we will update the award status of the past day in Trading Volume Ranking Form.

Promotion B: Lucky prize, split $2,000

During the campaign, all users who use OKX Web3 Wallet (OKX app or plug-in wallet) with a transaction of at least 10MRST will get a lucky draw opportunity. We will randomly select 20 users at the end of the activity and airdrop $100 equivalent MRST to each address.

Portal to the campaign
Web-based Dapp: Click here
Mobile devices: Please Download OKX APP, switch to Wallet, and tap DEX on the bottom tab to start trading.

Token info

Name :Mars Token
Address (Polygon) :0x411bc96881A62572FF33c9d8CE60dF99E3d96cd8

Terms & Conditions:
  • The daily trading Competition rewards will be sent to the winning address the next day.
  • The address of the lucky prize winner will be announced within 2 weeks after the event, and the prize will be sent to the winning address.
  • Exchange rate between MRST and US dollar: the average of MRST/USDT trading against the daily closing price during the activity period (8:00 HKT).
  • During the campaign, if there are wash trades or illegally bulk registered accounts, OKX will strictly review and cancel the qualification.
  • OKX reserves the right to final interpretation.