How to buy OKB?

Purchase OKB seamlessly at OKX with your local fiat currency and all major cryptocurrencies. Our sign-up process is quick and easy, after which you can buy OKB directly from your desktop or on the go with our Android and iOS applications.

How to buy OKB

What is OKB?

Launched in March 2018 by the OK Blockchain Foundation, OKB is the native utility token of the OKX exchange. It has a total supply of 300 million tokens.


How to buy OKB on OKX?

Buy OKB with credit card

Buy OKB with a credit card

OKX supports major credit card and debit cards like MasterCard, Visa and ApplePay credit cards. If you wish to purchase using your credit card, go to the Buy Crypto page, select your local fiat currency, and proceed with the transaction.

Buy OKB with bank transfer

Buy OKB with a bank transfer

Buying OKB with bank transfer is a hassle-free process. You need to visit our Buy Crypto page, choose your local fiat currency, select "Bank Transfer" as your payment method, and buy OKB by completing the payment.

Buy OKB using popular trading pairs

Buy OKB using popular trading pairs

With the OKX trading terminal, you can buy OKB against popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and USDK. Trading is simple and intuitive, with advanced tools for experienced traders.

Convert crypto to OKB

Convert your crypto to OKB

Swap your existing crypto assets for OKB with zero fees using our Convert feature. With OKX, you can trade your BTC, ETH, USDT and SOL, as well as 56 other cryptocurrencies, for OKB at zero spreads using our Convert window.

Why buy OKB?

Trade OKB on OKX

Trade OKB and profit from its price movements

Store OKB on OKX

Store OKB for the long-term and use it as a store of value

OKB Discounts

Get discounts on trading fees on the OKX exchange

OKX Jumpstart

Participate in initial exchange offerings via OKX Jumpstart

OKX Earn

Increase your OKX holdings using OKX Earn


Access a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange in your pocket with just a couple of clicks. You can now buy, sell and trade OKB on the go with our OKX Android and iOS applications.

  • Keep yourself updated on real-time cryptocurrency prices
  • Buy, sell and trade BTC, ETH, SOL, XRP, OKB and 300 other cryptocurrencies with your smartphone
  • Live price-change alerts for your favorite cryptocurrencies to stay on top of the market
  • Access advanced trading options such as perpetual swaps, futures and options
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Buy and Sell OKB on OKX App

Why should I buy OKB on OKX?

As OKX's native token, OKB offers holders several benefits, ranging from trading fee discounts to participation in OKX Jumpstart campaigns for mining new tokens and earning passive income. OKX also buys and burns OKB using a percentage of its revenue from spot trading fees, increasing the token's scarcity and value.

Buying OKB on OKX is very simple. You can either buy OKB directly from this page by selecting your desired fiat currency and payment method or exchange BTC, ETH, USDT, USDK or USDC for OKB on our highly liquid markets.

Once you buy OKB, it is deposited into your OKX funding account and can be used for trading, subscribing to OKX Earn offers for passive income or for securing OKX Jumpstart allocations.


Buy OKB on OKX


growth 1  Seamless

Buying OKB or any other digital asset on OKX is a seamless experience. Your purchases are almost instantly available in your account and can be used across a variety of OKX products, services and markets.

click 1 Intuitive

OKX offers an intuitive web and app interface for buying, selling and trading digital assets.

shield 1  Secure

OKX employs industry-leading safety protocols and our users benefit from our sophisticated security protocols and wallet-management systems.

double-arrow 1 Flexible

OKX supports over 30 fiat currencies, more than 300 crypto assets, and all major payment methods — including Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay and bank transfers, among others.

Why OKB?

The main utility for OKB is the attractive discounts on the trading fees charged by the OKX exchange. Regular traders on OKX prefer to hold OKB tokens to avail up to a 40% discount on purchases, depending on their trading volume and account health.

By holding OKB, you also get access to investments in multiple high-quality crypto projects through the OKX Jumpstart launchpad initiative. Additionally, we offer high staking rewards on OKB tokens through OKX Earn.

OKB’s deflationary burning mechanism encourages a healthy ecosystem for the growing token. We use a portion of our spot trading fees to buy OKB tokens and then burn them.


What can I do after I buy OKB?

Store OKB

To benefit from the long-term price potential of OKB and the growing OKX ecosystem, store OKB in your OKX wallet. You can also transfer your OKB holdings to an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

Swap OKB

With our powerful trading terminal, you can instantly trade your OKB tokens for popular cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, ETH, USDC and USDK.

Grow your OKB holdings

OKX Earn allows you to earn competitive yields on your OKB tokens with flexible staking periods.

Use OKB to get discounts

OKB provides massive discounts on trading fees for all cryptocurrencies supported by OKX.

What is the cheapest way to buy OKB?

OKB tokens allow you to participate in IEOs listed on our OKX Jumpstart platform. Stake your OKB tokens on OKX Jumpstart to get a chance for an allocation in high-quality projects.


Learn more about OKB

Understand more about OKB and other popular cryptocurrencies through our in-depth articles on OKX Learn.


New to OKB trading?

If you are new to trading, our comprehensive crypto academy offers guides on trading strategies and technical analysis.


Discover the current OKB price 

OKX provides up-to-date crypto prices in USDT in real time. Discover the current OKB price 24/7 to inform trading and investing decision-making.

What can i do after i buy OKB?

How to buy OKB FAQs

Where can I buy OKB?

You can easily buy OKB on OKX with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and USDK, as well as with fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, INR and over 30 others.

Can I buy OKB using my credit card?

Yes, you can easily buy OKB using your credit card. Navigate to the OKX Buy Crypto page and purchase OKB using your Visa, MasterCard or ApplePay credit card.

How do I get OKB tokens with Ether?

At OKX, you can instantly buy OKB against Ether using the OKB/ETH trading pair. For this, navigate to our trading terminal from the menu bar, select the OKB/ETH trading pair, enter the amounts in the respective currencies and place the buy OKB order.

How do I buy OKB using my local currency?

With OKX, you can buy OKB using 30+ fiat currencies. The process is simple: Go to our Buy Crypto page, choose the amount you wish to spend in your local currency, and complete your purchase.

What is the cheapest way to buy OKB?

You can buy OKB with minimal fees from the OKX exchange. You can swap your existing crypto holdings to OKB with zero fees and no spreads using the Convert feature.

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