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Due to their non-fungible, identifiable and transferable nature, NFTs can be used as a status symbol in crypto communities. Many community builders are using blockchain-backed tokens for governance.

GEN.ART Membershipicon
As a member of GEN.ART you’ll be able to mint exclusive NFT (ERC-721) artwork by world-renowned artists. We’re limiting membership to 5,100. As a lifetime member, you will not only be part of a special group of collectors and artists but have an active say in the future of GEN.ART through governance tokens (ERC-20) that will be airdropped. Screener Tool | Airdrop Collection | Drop Collection
NFTs that can be used for swapping ERC20 tokens.
Welcome to the home of BYOVAPE on MetaX. Discover the best items in this collection.
Non Fungible Tools Founding Membershipicon
By holding an NFT from this collection you'll be one of our 100 Founding Members and gain all [SuperSea](https:\u002F\\u002Fsupersea) membership features. You will also get a special role on our [Discord](https:\u002F\\u002Finvite\u002FMR2Cn929wQ) with access to exclusive channels, earlier previews of upcoming features, and higher influence over what we build next.
Multiverse VM, a dynamic NFT with mechanisms to bring your NFT into the metaverse.\r\n\r\nEach and every simulation that you own maintains links to other simulations generated upon the creation of the multiverse, and additional links\u002Fconnection portals are generated via a combination of the owner address and the token seed, laying the foundations of a social NFT experience and forms the portal network for PHΛSΞ░2.\r\n\r\nThe multiverse VM is designed so owners can bring their existing NFTs in the multiverse, and allow holders to build extra experiences with their NFTs.\r\n\r\nTokens are designed to support extra URIs for each token holder, meaning that further expansion packs can be added to the token for extensibility, to experience Multiverse VM head to
Northern Guilds - Guild of Thoricon
Northern Guilds is a fun-first, device-agnostic dungeon crawler blockchain MMORPG inspired by your favourite childhood games. In a modern take on the pixel perfect art style of nostalgic adventure games, players and their friends embark on an epic journey into ragnarok. //
Nametag: Genesisicon
Nametags are universal usernames stored on blockchain.
Forever Fomo Duck Squadicon
When we created the Highstreet world, we always believed in building the world first before filling it with inhabitants. With the world drawing ever closer to launch, we wanted to offer the chance to enter our world alongside 7,500 unique ducks on the Ethereum blockchain, designed to have utility in our metaverse immediately.