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À propos de Aragon (ANT)

The Aragon Network is an Aragon organization that provides infrastructure and services to users of the Aragon platform, and is governed by ANT holders. The existing Aragon infrastructure enables users to create and manage organizations. Each Aragon organization exists as a set of smart contracts that define the organization's stakeholders and their associated rights and privileges. However, some rights and privileges require subjective constraints that cannot be encoded in a smart contract directly. The Aragon Court is a decentralized oracle protocol developed and maintained by the Aragon Network. The Aragon Court can be used by organizations, including the Aragon Network itself, to resolve subjective disputes with binary outcomes. When combined with the existing Aragon infrastructure, it enables an organization to create Proposal Agreements that define subjective constraints on an organization's operation and can be enforced by minority stakeholders.

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Membres de l’équipe

Luis Iván CuendeCEO and Founder

Luis is a hacker and free culture lover who founded various startups since he got involved in free software development at age 12.He was awarded as the best hacker of Europe under 18 at age 15.He was also an Advisor to the Vice-president of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes, who is in charge of the EU's Digital Agenda.He has already released his first book, that reached the #1 in Amazon's Business category. Although he is 19 he is not attending college and believes a huge change in the educational system has to be made.Luis defines himself as a crypto-anarchist, and because of that he's a Bitcoin lover.His latest startup, called Stampery, wants to provide a digital certification method by using Bitcoin's technology to get rid of notaries.

Jorge IzquierdoCTO

He was invited by Apple to go to San Francisco and attend WWDC under a WWDC Student Scholarship in 2013, because of the app I had shipped that previous summer, Showy. Showy was a TV show tracking app that made it to Top 2 of the Paid apps ranking in Spain.

Stani KulechovPartner

Stefano Bernardi is a founder and an investor, who also worked on a platform at Betable. He previously worked at dPixel, a seed stage venture capital firm giving the opportunity to entrepreneurs to build web businesses. He does some occasional angel investing and advises start-ups on product and strategy. His most recent project is SaveMyInbox, a service to automatically save users Gmail attachments to Dropbox.

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