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Total de la récompense9,000,000 TAKI
Heure de fin2022-04-28 18:00:00
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Cryptocurrency Prices FAQs
  • What is OKX Jumpstart crypto token staking?
    OKX Jumpstart is a platform that helps new projects launch and grow their communities. Jumpstart users are able to participate in campaigns by staking their OKB and receiving tokens from new projects based on their staked amounts. Unlike buying tokens in offerings, getting them via Jumpstart is similar to liquidity mining because users get all their staked assets back after the campaign ends. Each project on OKX Jumpstart starts with its own rules and particulars, such as total tokens available, minimum and maximum stakes, and so on.
  • How do OKX Jumpstart projects work?
    Jumpstart lists projects for a limited time, allowing users to stake OKB and receive tokens issued by those projects. Projects and staking sessions have different activity periods, available staking assets, session and total staking limits, as well as lock-up periods. Typically, you can stake and unstake your OKB anytime and get rewards. Projects with lock-up periods don't distribute rewards until these periods end. The more OKB you stake, the more tokens you can receive.
  • How can I participate in Jumpstart?
    All OKX Jumpstart campaigns are announced ahead of time so users can prepare for the launch. First, create your OKX account or log in if you already have one. Note that you need to complete photo verification to participate in Jumpstart campaigns. Once logged in, hover over "Finance" in the top menu and select Jumpstart. View the different campaigns live at the time and read their details before participating. Staking and unstaking your OKB is easy and can be done with just a few clicks.
  • What are the OKX Jumpstart token sales rules?
    OKX Jumpstart adopte une approche de type « nantissement + allocation » pour la distribution des jetons. Le processus comprend le nantissement, l’allocation et l’annonce des résultats. OKB est le seul jeton accepté pour les nantissements.