NFTs are changing the way artists present their music. Independent musicians can now have their works reach all corners of the world without going through a time-consuming and expensive release process.

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Discover rare digital art and collect NFTs. Since Apr. 2018.
As the first release from Bitlectro Labs, Dreamloops feature programmatically generated 8-bit musical loops and 16-bit artwork produced by Keil Corcoran of the band STRFKR. 1 in 5 Dreamloops (20%) will be redeemable for physical media (vinyl record or cassette tape). The ‘album covers’ are inspired by classic gaming platforms such as the Amiga, PC98, and Super Nintendo, featuring a retro-futuristic aesthetic. The music for each Dreamloop is composed entirely on a classic NES using a MIDINES cartridge. Each Dreamloop's music and art is unique and features elements of varying scarcity. Dreamloops are minted in a ‘wrapped’ state like a pack of collectible cards or a gift until “unwrapped” using the unwrap feature at The owner of each Dreamloop receives a Creative Commons CC BY-ND license for their musical loop and a CC BY license for the visual composition to use as they see fit. Unwrap your Dreamloops at
Song A Dayicon
I'm Jonathan Mann, I've been writing and publishing a song a day on the internet every day or the last 4,700 days. I hold the Guinness Record for the longest continuous daily song publishing—some people call me the Beeple of Music. By sharing my daily stories with the world, I've gained a following of tens of thousands of fans and community members. Now, I'm giving it all back to the community: I'm turning all of my songs into NFTs that will provide royalties and governance of my entire catalog through SongADAO. Buy a song, join the DAO.
ETH0.3 Groundbreaking generative music collab by Gramatik, Luxas, and Audioglyphs. Synthopia uses web audio to synthesize unique versions of the genesis track 'Synthopia Prime' directly in your browser. Visuals, names, and audio are generative and created in your browser. The Audioglyph DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) makes this possible and opens the door for a new way to make music for the Metaverse.
10,000 randomly generated, infinite audio NFTs derived from on-chain [Pixelglyph]( data. Each Audioglyph synthesizes a unique, infinite stream of music directly in your browser at lossless quality. ## Future of Music Audioglyphs are a glimpse into a future of music where instead of publishing statically recorded songs and limiting access, artists create infinite variations that are available to all to explore freely. Instead of buying the rights to listen to music, listeners can truly own a unique version. ## Open Technology We plan to open source the core technology Audioglyphs uses for managing and embedding audio processing on the web. With the success of Audioglyphs, we plan to continue to develop tools for artists to create and publish generative music. ## Carbon neutral Carbon emissions from minting will be offset with a donation supporting the Devarahipparigi Wind Power Project in Karnataka, India facilitated by Offsetra
Rave Pigs
Rave Pigs is a collection of 6,666 individually unique, generative audio-visual characters from the dark and dirty Berlin underground letting you mint and own techno tracks from the one and only Boys Noize!
Loot (for Normal People)icon
Loot as we have seen it has always been for adventurers. In an increasingly online life (especially for NFT enthusiasts), Loot (for Normal People) reconnects us to the real world by instead supplying gear consisting of items from our modern everyday lives. As with Loot (for Adventurers), stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use Loot (for Normal People) in any way you want.
Honorary Happy Bunniesicon
[Happy Bunnies]( Hand selected to be part of the Exclusive Honorary Happy Bunnies Collection (HHB). Bouncing to Your Wallet as a Token of Appreciation for being so Fur-bulous in the NFT Community.