Beradoge Gen 1 #4

By OpenRarity294

Beradoge Gen 1 is a NFT collection for the @beradoge vapid vaporous dyslexic sh!t meme token project $BDOGE. The NFTs are launched in collaboration with Bera Punks, Kingdomly, and BeraMarketNFT. 70% of the mint is going to BeraMarket for reserve backing the NFTs with their AMM on berachain (when launched on berachain). 40% of secondary market royalties are also going to further increase the reserve backing, creating a perpetual price floor liquidity and intrinsic monetary value to the collection. Royalties are vital for the NFT backing to continue gaining value. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE setting a healthy royalty when purchasing these NFTs on the secondary market. Beradogies are vapid sh!t art. The rest is maybe maybe not nothing speculation kek.

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Beradoge Gen 1 #4