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Acerca de CyberVein (CVT)

Established by Singapore CV Technology non-profit foundation in 2017, CyberVein is a project of public plus consortium chain, a network of immutable, blockchain-based databases, which engaged in creating a more efficient and secure data ecosystem. CyberVein token (CVT) has been listed on the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including HitBTC, OKEx, and Bit-Z. CVT will be utilized as GAS (handing fees) and in other scenarios on CyberVein main chain in the future.

Más información sobre CyberVein (CVT)

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Miembros del equipo

Arthur YuFounder

Arthur Yu has a Masters of Finance and Bachelor of Computer Science from Imperial College, London. Arthur previously worked for J.P.Morgan in London. He founded the SAAS community O2O company and SAAS platform development company after returning to China. Arthur has experience in website development and architecture, and experience with developing high performing teams.

Ansel KoCo-Founder

Ansel Ko achieved a Masters of Management from the University of Reading, UK. He is a serial entrepreneur of social platforms such as Tata website, Precision Advertising and DSP -Ing Media. Since 2015, he has been involved in finance and investment.

Lynn LinCo-Founder

Lynn Lin completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at Xi 'an International Studies University. Lynn is an award-winning marketer with experience as a marketing strategist for a leading listed company. She was an early blockchain community volunteer contributor, Golden Financial columnist, Babbitt compiler, and has published over 20 blockchain related articles on 21st Century Economic Report, Today's Headlines, Sohu Financial and other media. In July 2017, she founded Blockchain Club and su

Zhijun GuoCo-Founder

Zhijun Guo,founder of Asia Capital. A well- known blockchain angel investor and blockchain advocator. Engaged in financial industry for years and has participated in the incubation of several blockchain projects.

Jerry NingCo-Founder

Jerry Ning attended Oregon State University and is a bachelor graduate of the Department of Mathematics, majoring in statistics. He has previously worked as a data analyst for Expedia. He has broad capability across a multitude of professional statistical software including SPSS, sigma, R. He has his own unique views on data analysis.

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