Trading Cards

In the internet era, assets in online games are owned by game companies. Blockchain has redefined online ownership. With decentralized networks, individual players and collectors can freely trade in-game items.

Hro DCicon
Welcome to the home of Hro DC on OKX. Discover the best items in this collection.
Meme Ltd.icon
Meme is an experimental protocol mashing up some of the most exciting innovations in DeFi and crypto collectibles. Put your $MEME to work by farming exclusive NFT memes. Stake LP tokens for access to our batch of legendary cards.
Welcome to the home of PlanetQuest Collectibles on OKX. Discover the best items in this collection.
Property's NFTicon
Property’s is a collecting card game with a metaverse focus. Our NFT collection displays cultural diversity and the elegance of historical and modern architecture. We are building the social network of metaverses. We are the hub for all of your favorite NFT communities — big or small. We are building an immersive & inclusive digital world - a mixture of social community clubhouses, mini-games, shops, art galleries, content & adventures. Property’s loves you.
Ether Cards Foundericon
[Ether Cards]( are advanced Limited-Edition NFT cards giving owners benefits on the Ether Cards platform such as free services, discounts, VIP Access Passes, NFT drops, & other special [Traits]( Card benefits will soon expand to other platforms, real-world events, items, & industries. OGs are the most powerful cards, with art from top-tier artists in addition to "Accidental Collaboration" artwork. These cards hold at least 3 Limited Trait slots in addition to random & conditional Traits. OGs are likely to receive the most powerful versions of special Traits. Alphas are powerful cards with similar art to OGs, holding at least 2 Limited Trait slots in addition to random & conditional Traits, & have a high chance to receive powerful special Traits. Founders have “Accidental Collaboration” artwork. These cards hold at least 1 Limited Trait slot in addition to any random & conditional Traits, with a chance to receive powerful special Traits.
Treasure Projecticon
Treasure is building decentralized, open source, composable currencies for the NFT ecosystem.
Legends of Wondermist
The Legends of Wondermist collectible cards are the official Woodies metaverse game NFTs. They contain special properties and boosts that can be utilized by game developers in the Woodies community to build unique and fun card games. They will also be used in Woodies World (Decentraland) for special games and challenges.
The Waifu Genesis Card Collection
The collection features a number of works by anime illustrators and 3d artists from around the globe. WAIFU NFTs can be earned through the WAIFU farming platform at, while some limited and one of a kind WAIFUs are auctioned. Every few weeks there are new additions to the collection with an emphasis on fair distribution and community rewards. There are five different categories of WAIFU NFTs with a corresponding number of stars: 1) common, 2) rare, 3) super rare, 4) legendary, and 5) heirloom. Cards with no stars are deemed the "special" category, and a spinning globe signifies a "Powah" WAIFU which is charged with a yield-farming basket of either aToken or WAIF-ETH LPs that helps the collectible grow with the market. Visit to learn more!