14/03/2023, 08:00 am - 14/06/2023, 08:00 am
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NFT trading rewards

Rebate gas, royalty, and service fees

Buy Ethereum NFTs listed on OKX, Blur, or OpenSea, and transact through OKX. Rebate gas fees and up to 3.0% of sale price (royalty and service fees) for eligible transactions.

Event rewards
1Trading rebatesRebate gas, and royalty and service fees for NFT trades
1OKX Souvenir NFTClaim OKX Souvenir NFT free of charge
1Invitation rewardsThe more friends you invite, the higher your rebate quota


What are trading rewards for?
Trading rewards belong exclusively to OKX NFT traders. You can rebate gas fees when you trade Ethereum NFTs listed on OKX NFT, Blur, or OpenSea. For certain collections, on top of gas fees, you can rebate up to 3.0% of sale price (royalty and service fees) when accepting OpenSea offers and up to 0.5% (royalty) when accepting Blur offers. To be eligible, you need to transact through OKX NFT. Learn more in event rules.
How to get trading rewards?
During the event, once you’ve connected wallet, you can claim up to $1,000 in rebate quota as trading rewards.
How to get more trading rewards?
You’re rewarded $10 as extra rebate quota for each friend you invite. Learn more in event rules.
How to collect my rebated funds?
Claiming rebate funds will become available starting from 21/03/2023, 08:00 am. You can then collect the rebated funds anytime. Participants who’ve violated the event rules won’t receive the funds.