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Latest Announcements

OKX to Support the Optimism (OP) Network Upgrade & Hard Fork

Dear OKX users: OKX will support the Optimism (OP) network upgrade and hard fork. - The Optimism (OP) network upgrade and hard fork will take place at 04:00pm June 6, 2023 (UTC). Deposits and withdrawals of OP will be suspended starting from 03:50pm June 6, 2023 (UTC). Please note: - Trading activities involving OP will remain uninterrupted during the network upgrade and hard fork. - The Optimism (OP) network upgrade and hard fork will not spawn new tokens. - Upon verifying the stability of the upgraded network, we will reopen the deposit and withdrawal services for OP without any additional announcement. For more information on the network upgrade and hard fork, please refer to the following: - - - Thanks for your support! OKX May 31, 2023

Latest Announcements

OKX to upgrade system for trading services

Dear OKX users, Please note that OKX will perform a scheduled trading system upgrade from 6:10 am - 6:16 am (UTC) on June 1, 2023 . Risk warning: All transactions will be temporarily suspended during this upgrade. Users will not be able to place orders, amend orders, cancel orders, add or reduce margin, or transfer funds. Please take precautionary measures in advance to avoid potential risks. We will resume trading services as soon as possible. Please pay attention to on the day of the upgrade. Thank you for your continued support! For any inquiries regarding this adjustment, please feel free to contact us in the group or via the . OKX May 29, 2023