GameFi cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies listed here are all related to blockchain gaming, falling under the broad term GameFi. GameFi assets come in many variants, from the tokens gamers receive when progressing through a play-to-earn title to the governance tokens of a gaming-focused decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO.

GameFi as a concept grew significantly during 2021, thanks largely to the success of the digital monster breeding and battling game Axie Infinity. Gameplay in this project introduces play-to-earn dynamics via its native token AXS, which also serves as the projects governance token.

Also falling under the GameFi umbrella are those assets used as a medium of exchange in shared online virtual spaces. Examples include Decentralands MANA and The Sandboxs SAND. Inhabitants of these metaverse-like worlds can generate income through various means, such as buying and selling NFT assets or winning gaming tournaments hosted throughout the spaces.

Finally, OKX also supports gaming-related governance tokens, like that of the Yield Guild Games DAO. The collective aims to harness value from play-to-earn blockchain games via its pool of shared NFT assets.

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