DOT&KSM Slot Auction

Vote for Polkadot and Kusama projects to get rewards.

Dot & KSM slot auction
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Polkadot slot auction
Polkadot is composed of a relay chain and many parachains. A slot will be required for the connection between the relay chain and a parachain. With this connection, a parachain can share security with the Polkadot main chain and interact with other parachains. However, there will be a finite number of parachain slots. To ensure fairness in allocating parachain slots, we decided to use auctions. Anyone can participate. This process is called "slot auction".
Campaign index
Lock-up period
149,957.88 DOT
672 Days
150,000,000 GLMR
87,196.85 DOT
672 Days
170,000,000 ACA
Astar Network
71,517.34 DOT
672 Days
1,400,000,000 ASTR
62,014.73 DOT
672 Days
67,500,000 CFG
44,016.74 DOT
672 Days
200,000,000 EFI
Clover Finance
28,942.58 DOT
672 Days
200,000,000 CLV
How it works
Early bird voting
Vote early to split 100,000 USDT in DOT from OKX and get extra rewards from the project team
Official voting
Vote on OKX for your favorite projects to help them win slots
Rewards distribution
When your project wins its slot, we’ll send you all the rewards for your voting
Liquidity sharing
You’ll get OKDOT as a proof of your staked DOT at 1:1 ratio, and you’ll be able to convert OKDOT to get rewards without losing liquidity
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are parachain slots and slot auctions?
    Polkadot works on the main Relay Chain and many parachains connected to it. And parachain slots allow projects connect to the Relay Chain. This connection is essential for any parachain to work properly, but the number of slots is limited, and they’re only available for lease. As there are a lot of projects, Polkadot has slot auctions at which projects bid for available slots. Some projects accept votes from other participants so that you can support them by locking your DOT. It works the same way for Kusama, but you can use your KSM.
  • Why should I vote through OKX?
    It’s simple and free to vote for projects with us. We support voting to help Polkadot community and let you participate in its development with ease. The main benefit is free voting. OKX pays all the fees, so you can vote for free. Secondly, if the project you support wins, you’ll get all the rewards for voting. Moreover, if you participate in early bird voting, you’ll get exclusive rewards from us and project teams.
  • What’s early bird voting, and what are the rewards?
    Early bird voting is a special period before the regular voting. As an early bird, you can only vote for the projects through OKX to get extra rewards from us and project teams. You’ll get OKX exclusive rewards within 10 working days after the early bird voting period ends. You’ll also get extra rewards from project teams with regular voting rewards.
  • What happens to my voting assets?
    Once the auction begins, we’ll use your assets to vote according to the official rules. Voting assets will be locked on the blockchain, but neither OKX nor the project you voted for can use them. Depending on the auction results, you’ll get your assets back, or they’ll remain locked for the slot lease period.
  • When can I redeem my voting assets?
    If the project doesn’t win, you’ll get voting assets back to your OKX funding account after the auction ends. If the project wins and your vote goes through, your assets will be locked on the blockchain for the entire slot lease period. It varies from 12 to 96 weeks on average. Once the lease period ends, you’ll get initial voting assets plus all the project rewards to your funding account.
  • When will I get rewards if the project wins?
    Projects distribute rewards in batches according to their own rules. We’ll collect the rewards and automatically send them to your funding account once each batch is ready.
  • Why didn’t I receive rewards when the project won?
    We vote on your behalf every 2 hours after the auction starts. But these are the candle auctions that have random ending times. For each auction, the ending time is different as it’s determined retroactively to make voting fairer. We can’t guarantee that your vote will go through because we don’t know when the auction ends. You’ll get voting assets back to your funding account without any rewards if your vote doesn’t go through.
  • What’s OKDOT and how do I use it?
    OKDOT is a voting proof issued by OKX that represents your staked DOT at a 1:1 ratio. After the auction ends, you’ll be able to convert DOT to OKDOT and then trade it on OKX. You’ll get voting rewards based on your initial voting assets, so any extra OKDOT purchased on OKX won’t give you extra rewards. When the slot lease period ends, you’ll need to convert OKDOT back to DOT at a 1:1 ratio.
  • What are the risks?
    We’ll do our best to ensure smooth voting. OKX helps with on-chain voting, but can’t guarantee that your votes will go through. OKX isn’t responsible for any asset losses caused by potential risks, including possible contract vulnerabilities, hacking incidents, business termination, bankruptcy and abnormal trading suspension or termination of third-party platforms or project teams. Always do your own research of the projects before voting.