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Great deals await
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are Flash Deals?
    Flash Deals are exclusive Earn offers with high rewards and low risks. Flash Deals have limited terms and amounts, and appear on an irregular basis.
  • How is interest calculated?
    Interest calculation starts based on the offer's default time if the total amount wasn't sold out during the subscription term. If it was sold out, calculation starts based on the time when the amount ended.
  • How are earnings calculated?
    Estimated earnings equal the initial subscription amount multiplied by the conversion ratio, estimated rate (APY) and term divided by 365.
  • How can I get my earnings?
    All earnings are calculated and distributed after offer expiration.
  • Can I cancel my subscription or redeem early?
    Unfortunately, it's impossible to cancel subscription or redeem before offer expiration once you've subscribed.
  • Why didn't I receive earnings after offer expiration?
    Calculation and settlement may be delayed by up to 24 hours. If you still didn't receive your earnings after this period, contact our customer support.
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Earn with benefitsHigh rates
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