Welcome to X1

Welcome to X1#

X1 is a ZK L2 network powered by the OKB token and built using Polygon CDK, that offers 100% EVM compatibility, exceptional performance, low fees, and robust security — achieved with seamless integration.

In this documentations, you will be guided through 3 main sections:

  • Getting started: introduction and user guide of X1
  • Developer: guide to build on X1 and our product(s)
  • Technology: the fundamental technology and architecture of X1

Getting started#

What is X1
Explore how X1 scales Ethereum
Build on X1
Quickstart guide to start building on X1
Deploy smart contract
Guide to deploy smart contracts with Truffle, Hardhart and Foundry

Product guides#


Network Information X1 Contracts X1 Explorer X1 Faucet X1 Bridge X1 Oracle