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Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price discussions are among the hottest topics in the crypto space, given how BTC is the leading digital currency — both in terms of popularity and market capitalization. Because it is a decentralized digital asset without any central bank or institution behind it, a variety of market factors dictate the overall Bitcoin value at any given time. Moreover, the fact that traders are buying and selling Bitcoin 24/7, 365 days a year on exchanges around the world, such as OKEx, means that the current Bitcoin price is always changing.
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Bitcoin Price

What Gives Bitcoin Value?

Factors Driving Bitcoin Price
bitcoin scarcity


Only 21 million Bitcoin will ever exist. This limitation is coded into the Bitcoin protocol.
bitcoin decentralization


Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin's price is not vulnerable to central bank policies, devaluation or governmental control.
bitcoin adoption


As more businesses accept crypto payments Bitcoin's value increases with its usefulness.

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Always Up-to-Date

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Bitcoin Historical Prices

OKEx users can see historic Bitcoin price information and key figures like ATH
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Stay Informed

OKEx delivers daily Bitcoin price analyses to keep users informed on market trends and developments

Bitcoin and Crypto Market

Why is Bitcoin's Price Important?

Bitcoin is the leading digital currency in the crypto space, both in terms of popularity and market capitalization. This makes it unique, and its price movements have a major impact on the entire space. Like traditional assets, Bitcoin price is also dedicated by market forces, but its inherent characteristics, such as its decentralized nature, cross-border capabilities and increasing scarcity, introduce additional factors that directly impact its price.

Moreover, given Bitcoin's recognition as a legitimate asset class, institutional investors have also entered the market, giving rise to the creation of more sophisticated trading products like futures and options.

In order to support this growth, OKEx, being a leading crypto exchange, has taken various initiatives to make Bitcoin and crypto trading more accessible to a global user base.


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